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Transform magazine | May 29, 2015

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Opinion: Pairing purpose and profit: Building brands that make a difference

May 14, 2015 |

Stuart Harris, Tonic International

Social enterprises – those companies that have social impact (such as improving education, providing access to clean water or, in some small way, improving the quality of life on this planet) built into their corporate philosophy … Read More

Opinion: ‘Place’ not space

May 14, 2015 |

Gideon Wilkinson, Endpoint

The UAE is undergoing development of an unprecedented scale and size. A multitude of urban, leisure, cultural and infrastructure developments are ongoing in the region.

Dubai will host the World Expo 2020 which is expected to bring … Read More

Opinion: How boring are you?

May 13, 2015 |

Phil Darby, BrandLounge

On a scale of one to 10, where do you think your boring rating lies? It’s a fact of life that boring people don’t have a lot of friends. If you think that’s a sad reflection on … Read More

Opinion: Imitation, invention and innovation

May 12, 2015 |

Pierre Lategan, Bellwether Brand Consultancy

It’s hard to believe that in the 17th century, being called an innovator could result in a fair bit of time in prison or the loss of your ears. In fact, ‘innovation’ as a word … Read More